Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 65

Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 65Candy Crush Level 65 can be a real pain to beat. I am not joking, this level was near impossible and it took me forever to beat.

The key to beating this level is to first get rid of all the chocolate. Try to clear it out by using striped candy combos, which will cause the most damage.

Then you need to focus on the outside Jellies. The jelly in the middle is simple to clear out, so stay focused on creating combos that will clear out the outside “tabs” of the jelly.

The most importantĀ Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 65 are to keep to the top of the board to clear out the top tabs first. These will be the most difficult to get, so try to use vertical striped candies and combos mixing with the wrapped candy.

This level is so hard. You might need to try switching from your mobile device to your desktop / laptop computer. This will give you more lives to work with.

The last tip is changing the time on your mobile device to get more lives. This is the best way to beat this level cause you can keep changing your phone time to get more lives.

You will have some late sleepless nights trying to beat this level, at least I did!

Candy Crush Level 65

Level 65 of Candy Crush Saga is SO HARD! Just keep trying to beat level 65 and you should eventually beat it. If you give up, then you will never beat it. Ha!

Hope theseĀ Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 65 helped you. Good luck crushing!


  1. KAREN GAINES says:

    How come some of my gold bars disappear? I know when I use them but they still are gone! When you make a game totally impossible to win people get tired of playing and just STOP PLAYING THEM!! Another problem I have is the free one extra move why doesn’t it show up on the move number???

    • candycrusher says:

      Hmm that is weird. You should post these in the King forum where the developers can help with bug fixes. Try using a different device or update your browser.

  2. Absolutely hate it. Now wondering why I liked candy crush. think part of it was winning now and then. I’m done with it!!!

    • candycrusher says:

      Candy Crush Level 65 is really hard, but if you keep at it you will get through. I know I almost gave up too, now I am about to give up on level 275! UGH.

  3. Eliana RIVERO says:

    I just can’t understand why they make this level so difficult, since it discourages so many players. I was pretty good at the previous 64, but it seems now that I spend all my mental energy and moves trying to destroy chocolate! Never mind the jelly…… I AM STUCK….. And although I hate to give up on the game, I’m considering it. Yes, I have tried all the advice, but it seems to be more luck than strategic skills….and I still don’t understand why some jellies turn into permanent blobs that won’t be crushed with direct hits!

  4. Lisa StEinman says:

    I found this level so difficult and this is the third day trying to get through it. I would consider asking someone else like a support worker or a friend to play the level for me so I don’t get too stressed out. At least I would try e-mailing people I know who I can rely on to play the difficult level for me.

  5. I’ve cleared the board twice but I still can’t move onto level 66. I’m about to give up. Why can’t I move forward?

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